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  • What is a Physician Associate?
    Physician Associates, also known as Physician Assistants, are medical providers with graduate-level educations. They are licensed to diagnose and treat illness and disease and to prescribe medications for patients. They practice in a variety of settings and collaborate with a supervising physician with whom they may discuss select cases and coordinate care.
  • What is psychopharmacology?
    Psychopharmacology is the use of medications in treating psychiatric disorders. The complexity of this field requires continuous study in order to keep current with new advances. Psychopharmacologists need to understand the clinically relevant principles of pharmacokinetics (what the body does to medication) and pharmacodynamics (what the medications do to the body). In addition, an extensive understanding of basic neuroscience, basic pharmacology, clinical medicine, the differential diagnosis of mental disorders, and treatment options is required. Psychopharmacologists also should be skilled in building and utilizing a therapeutic alliance with the patient.
  • Is psychiatric medication right for me?
    Psychiatric medication can be very effective in controlling symptoms of depression, mania, anxiety, panic, and other mental health conditions. It often works best when paired with psychotherapy. Some medications may take several weeks or months to fully work. While medication does not "cure" you, it can help manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life. Ultimately, determining whether psychiatric medication is right for you may require an honest discussion with your clinician. You should take into account your symptoms, your current quality of life, and your expectations for treatment.
  • Will psychiatric medication change who I am?
    Psychiatric medication will not change who you are or make you into someone else entirely. You should not notice any drastic changes in your personality. In fact, the goal of medication is to manage your symptoms and restore a sense of balance so you can get back to “feeling like yourself” again.
  • Is genetic testing right for me?
    Genetic testing is most helpful for patients who have not responded to multiple medication trials. It can also be of use in patients who experience recurrent adverse effects from medicine. Contrary to popular opinion, genetic testing can not identify the "perfect" drug for you. Instead, it allows us to incorporate how you specifically metabolize medications into decisions about treatment regimens.
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